Featured New ProductsFeatured New Products

New CA High Speed Blender

16" Diameter x 5' Long W/ 20 HP Motor Picks and Cleanout Door

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2GA Vertical Cooler

New CA - 2GA Vertical Cooler with Dual Rotary Pocket Discharge, 1HP Gear Drive, BMRX-110 Level Control and 15" Dia. Duck Outlet

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Conex 5500 Extruder

All in one cooking, expansion dehydration, sterilization and texturing.

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Featured Used ProductsFeatured Used Products

Mac Airlock

Model HD 12" X 10" 1 HP Gear Motor

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CPM Jacketed Feed Sterilizer

24" Dia X 12' Long With 3 HP Drive

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CPM 3020 Pellet Mill

150 HP 1185 RPM With 20" Die and Feeder, Conditioner

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